Best Part of my Day April 2019

So this is a little “end of the day” ritual I’ve started this month, inspired by my aunt Linda. I really wish I’d started this back in February but better late than never! I’m definitely going to continue this for the rest of the journey, and probably life. It’s so nice to take the time to focus on the positive, no matter how lonely or frustrating or boring some days can be. There’s ALWAYS something good.

March 31st – drove standard with no one else in the car for the first time, officially graduated from driving lessons!

April 1st – waking up at 7am to see my coworker Allie off on her new adventure

April 2nd – treating myself to brunch, a new top & a new jacket in town with Cesca

April 3rd – getting lots of compliments on my cooking while working in the kitchen

April 4th – watching rugby with the regulars during my bar shift

April 5th – working my first busy night in the kitchen, getting all the food out on time with no mistakes

April 6th – seeing a wild kangaroo on my daily walk

April 7th – drinking with he boys after work

April 8th – going for breakfast in Moree and spending the day relaxing

April 9th – showing Beth around Boomi and exploring the junkyard

April 10th – first training shift ever, it went really well!

April 11th – talking to my sister again after her week long vacation

April 12th – watching a whole herd of wild kangaroos hop past me about fifty feet away

April 13th – finishing work early & having a movie night with my roommates

April 14th – having drinks at the cotton gin with all my Aussie friends

April 15th – going to town for breakfast to cure my hangover

April 16th – organizing my things and finally unpacking a little bit

April 17th – dropping Cesca off at the train station

April 18th – going to cambooya to hang out with friends after work

April 19th – getting an extra day off work for good Friday and relaxing

April 20th – having a bar shift again after being stuck in the kitchen all week

April 21st – finishing work early, having a nice relaxing night

April 22nd – saw a gorgeous sunset and some wild roos while I was out for a walk

April 23rd – getting lots of compliments on my cooking again!

April 24th – Beth making fun of my accent (she’s from London) and comparing how we say different words

April 25th – going to the ANZAC day ceremony at the hall and learning about Australian history

April 26th – sleeping in after a super busy night!

April 27th – meeting some Canadians who work at a farm in the area, one is even from Peace River!

April 28th – my favourite regular, Simon, came back from vacation

April 29th – hanging out with just my boss and having a drink together after work

April 30th – making plans for the horse races in June with some friends

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