April 28th

It’s 12:30am right now and my room feels absolutely freezing at a chilly 13 degrees outside. Last night we even dipped down to single digits!

Autumn is officially here, and it feels about the same as summer does in Canada most years. Our days are generally in the high 20’s, maybe an odd 30 degrees here and there, with chillier nights and early mornings.

The rest of Easter weekend flew by. With most people being off work the pub stayed busy Thursday through Monday, except of course Good Friday, which we were closed.

The beginning of the week was a bit dramatic with the new girls. Beth has been here about three weeks and Courtney only one week, and they both want to leave already. I wouldn’t mind getting new girls in here because honestly, we don’t have much in common.

Beth is super nice and we get along great, but she is a bit less social than I am, isn’t a big drinker and is a vegetarian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s one more thing we just don’t have any common ground on.

Courtney, on the other hand, I struggle to even have a conversation with. At work she doesn’t have a clue what to do and it gets frustrating when I’m also busy and don’t really have time to help her but I can’t just not help her. In our house, she’s extremely introverted and barely speaks, or does anything really except lay in bed.

I’ve always thought of work and personal life as completely separate things, and I’ve had plenty of coworkers I didn’t get along with before, but when you live together and share bedroom it’s different. There’s no going home and venting about your day. I make sure to always walk quite far away from the entire property if I’m going to talk about bad days at work so the girls don’t overhear.

Anyway, back on topic, the girls both want to leave but have to stay until they can be replaced. My boss is also leaving town in a few days for a week, so there will be no replacements until after that for sure. Beth and Courtney are both stuck here for an indeterminate amount of time. I honestly feel bad for them. Sure, I’ve gotten homesick and gotten over it, but overall I like the town and get along well with most people that live here and come into the pub. To really not enjoy living or working out here at all and not be certain when you’ll be able to leave would be awful.

Other than dealing with their drama, the rest of my week was great! The 25th was ANZAC (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) day, which is sort of like Remembrance Day, but different. It falls on April 25th because that is the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of WWI. There was a march down main street and a service in the hall which was very much like how we celebrate Remembrance Day. The difference is really just that they also have Remembrance Day in November, but they basically just do the minute of silence. ANZAC day is the day the veterans are really celebrated. After the service in the morning I was bartending that night and it was the busiest night I’ve worked yet! My boss said we did an average weeks worth of sales in one night.

Saturday afternoon we opened the kitchen for lunch, which we usually don’t do as the Veterans Motorcycle Club had a bike rally and called ahead to ask if they could make a stop at the pub and get lunch. They mostly just ordered burgers and didn’t drink much as they were riding bikes so it was easy.

On Saturday night I was bartending again and a couple new faces came in with the group of Irish backpackers I see all the time. Turns out there’s a couple of Canadians working at a farm down the road, and one of them is even from Peace River! Strange how you can find people so close to your own roots in the least expected places. They were standing at the bar talking for a while before I realized they didn’t have an accent! I get along quite well with the Irish group too, and we were going to go for drinks with them after work but my car was dead, so we had to postpone our socializing.

Sunday morning I had breakfast outside in the sun, got my car on a charger and went for a walk before work. Sundays are generally not too busy but today I was in the kitchen and we had a lot of people staying in the campground (or caravan park as it’s called here) that came in for dinner. They all left quite early though, and we also close at 10 on Sundays so it was an early night!

Tomorrow is the first time I haven’t had a Monday off (I have Tuesday off this week), but I don’t start until 3 so I’ll go to town with the girls in the morning as long as my car starts! Fingers crossed 😂 but I’m sure it’ll be okay.

Some pics from the week!

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