Easter 2019

I’m not going to lie, my week was tough. Between fleas in my bed, mice in my oven, my friends leaving and new girls arriving and getting homesick, it was a lot going on.

I say this a lot but I really am so thankful for how well I can stay in contact with my family. If it weren’t for modern technology I’d be on my way home already. Becoming an adult and living away from home really made appreciate my family, especially my parents, and being away from them was always hard. When I started college I was always in daily contact with my parents and sisters and that has never really changed.

It’s a very weird thing to be so far away. In Canada I knew not only could I always call someone but if I had a really bad week, or a fight with my boyfriend I could just pop over to visit my aunties, or sometimes if my work schedule permitted just drive to Saskatchewan for a couple days and decompress. Out here I do not have that luxury, and FaceTime is never as good as actually being together. This all sort of built up on me the other day and I really broke down for the first time.

Honestly, I’m surprised I made it that long without being sad. This is officially the longest I’ve been away from home already and I’m just getting started. I knew it was coming, I’ve been a tad homesick here and there before but not anything like this. This was one of those times I just really needed my momma, and she really did make me feel better. Talking to the rest of my family really helped too.

Thinking about what a short time I’ve been here, how much I miss everyone and how much longer it’ll be til I see them again was a really overwhelming thought. I’ve decided to stop looking at the whole length of time and just focus on what I’m doing now, make it as far as I can and go from there. Maybe I’ll make it six more months, maybe I’ll wanna stay longer than a year, but I’m just going to figure that out as I go instead of stressing about it now. Sometimes it’s better to not have any plans at all!

I successfully got rid of the fleas in my bed and my flea bites are almost healed. There’s probably still mice living in the oven but I set traps all around it so that problem will be gone soon! I’ve come to accept that the cockroach living in the shower is just another one of my roommates and he’s not going anywhere.

My experience so far is not at all what I was expecting when I came here, but its all been such a good experience. I’ve met some really amazing people, had good laughs and for the most part I’ve been enjoying it.

Today is Good Friday so I have an extra day off work and absolutely nothing to do. Even the pool is closed so I’ve got the whole day to just hang out, read and play with puppies. My week is already turning around and I’m feeling a lot less homesick now! I think it’s really good timing for an extra day off just to have a little quiet time to myself.

How crazy is it that I’ve already been here for like two months? I feel like it’s already been so long and I’ve done so much but really I have so much time ahead of me still, and I have so much left to do and see here. I mean, I’m on the other side of the world.

I just got used go flicking the light switches down to turn on lights instead of up, and the money in the til is organized from left to right instead of right to left. Learning to drive standard was a breeze and I’ve almost gotten used to driving on the left side of the road. Every day I learn more aussie slang and ask people what they’re talking about less and less.

Hopefully next week will be easier and there are less bugs in my house, but even if it isn’t someone with a very old wise soul once said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and those are really words to live by.

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