Boomi Update April 9th

Hey everyone!

I’ve had a busy week. Our newest backpacker, Beth arrived and I’ve been showing her the ropes. She’s much quieter than I am and pretty much keeps to herself, but she’s nice and easy to get along with.

We had a couple really busy nights on the weekend because the next town over had horse races, so we got a lot of people on the bar either headed there or headed home. We also had a few late nights drinking after work with some of the regulars. We’ve taken to drinking Passion Pop, which is a very cheap champagne. It actually tastes really good!

On my day off we went into town for breakfast, walked around a bit, and came back to go to the pool for the afternoon. It’s nice having a full day to just relax after a busy weekend.

This morning I woke up with a bit of a hangover but also covered in bites. My boss thinks I have fleas, so I had to wash everything today to hopefully get rid of them!

My legs this morning

My boss has pretty much told me I’m her best worker right now, mostly because Francesca is about to leave as well and after that I’ll have the most seniority. Her brother is very sick and she wants me to be in charge while she’s gone if she has to suddenly leave to be with her family. I doubt this will come with a pay raise but it’s nice to know I’m good enough at my job that she would want to leave me in charge!

I’ve started trying to write down the best part of my day every day and have a log for the whole month. Sometimes I forget about it but most days I do it! I also found an app called Duolingo which teaches you new languages for free, so I’ve been working on my Spanish in my spare time.

Here’s a few pictures from the week too!

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